International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Background Material to the Webinar Series

The IW:LEARN Webinar Series entitled: “ENGENDERING INTERNATIONAL WATERS” encompass many relevant aspects of gender and water issues in GEF IW projects. To better understand the context of each webinar, WWAP and WWF have created a shared ‘gender & water library’, consisting of a collection of background material, selected for each of the six webinars. 

You can access to the ‘gender & water library’  through a shared Google Drive Document. The material will be made available and updated during the week leading up to each webinar.

This background material can be accessed here through a shared Google Document Drive.

The documents related to Webinar I “Gender Analysis and Mainstreaming in International Waters Projects: Introduction to the IW Webinar Series” is online and organized in the following categories:

  • GEF Secretariat gender mainstreaming and policies
  • GEF implementing agencies:  a collection of gender policies and strategies
  • UNESCO publications on gender
  • WWAP Gender & Water Toolkit (Project on Gender Sensitive Water Monitoring Assessment and Reporting)
  • Publications on gender and water resources management
  • Gender relevant documents from other UN agencies

The video of The Water Rooms Project that will be screened during the webinar can be found here.