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The Marine portal is a sub site of the It functions as a platform for knowledge sharing among the GEF's LME/ICM/MPA project portfolio and allows showcasing the work conducted by the projects on the field.

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LME:LEARN Services brochure

A key element of improved ocean governance is mainstreaming cooperation and coordination between LME, Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) and Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) projects with overlapping themes and geographic areas, both for GEF projects and for non-GEF projects.

The project aims to reach a variety of GEF marine and coastal stakeholders including project managers, international and local project staff, government officials, implementing agency staff, non-governmental organizations, business community and others.

How GEF projects can contribute and engage
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GEF LME:LEARN is improving global ecosystem-based governance of Large Marine Ecosystems and their coasts by generating knowledge, building capacity, harnessing public and private and north-to-south learning partners and supporting south-to-south and north-to-south learning

LMEs and the Sustainable Development Goals

SDG14 is one of the most ambitious of the 17 SDGs particularly in terms of the accelerated time frames for achieving several of the targets. Successful implementation of SDG14 requires replication and rapid scaling up of proven strategic approaches that can deliver on one or more SDG14 targets.

LMEs are important because they are a unique “platform” that brings countries together, at a high level, to work toward shared ocean governance.

The LME Approach to the assessment and management of coastal ocean goods and services has provided, and will continue to provide, a unifying strategy for meeting the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

An Engine for Achieving SDG 14
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Produced by the LME:LEARN Project, managed by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, implemented by the United Nations Development Programme and funded by the Global Environment Facility

Most of the world’s 66 Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs) encompass two or more nations and often individually cover over 200,000 km2.