International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Thematic hubs

Marine Hub
The Marine Hub is a sub site of the dedicated to large marine ecosystems (LME) and their coasts. The Marine Hub serves serves as a platform for knowledge sharing among the GEF's LME/ICM/MPA/MSP/Fisheries project portfolio, and allows showcasing the work conducted by the projects on the field.

Groundwater and Conjunctive Water Management Hub
Recognizing the importance of groundwater resources and their joint management with surface water and other resources for transboundary water security, this hub gathers and enables exchanges of knowledge and practices within and outside the GEF International Waters (IW) portfolio to enhance IW project effective action towards a comprehensive integration of all water resources.

Private Sector Engagement Hub
Contains resources (reports, guidelines, lessons learned) from GEF International Waters projects and their engagement with the Private Sector.

Economic Valuation of "wet" Ecosystems Hub
Contains step-by-step guidance on the economic valuation of ecosystem services of inland and marine "wet" ecosystems, with a focus on easily applicable and pragmatic valuation approaches.

Gender Hub
Based on the relevance of gender in water-related matter at all levels, from household practices to governance issues, the GEF-funded IW:LEARN project has included in its fourth cycle a gender sub-component “Promotion of Gender Mainstreaming in the GEF IW Portfolio”, with the scope of achieving increased recognition of gender issues and attention on gender equality throughout the GEF IW projects.