International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network


No two GEF International Waters projects are alike, but many face similar challenges or are tasked with addressing similar transboundary issues. A successful way for projects to learn from each other is to match them up with more mature projects or a partner institution through twinning exchanges. 


The Learning Exchange Service Centre (LESC) serves as a market place for coordinating and sharing learning activities offered by our partner network and GEF IW projects. This space also serves as an entry point for GEF IW beneficiaries to find their way to various organisations in the global MoU Partnership.


Under its overall capacity development programme, GEF IW: LEARN aims to build cadres of practitioners working on GEF International Waters supported projects around the world. This page contains a collection of courses developed by GEF IW:LEARN, GEF LME:LEARN and/or partners within the extended network.

Website toolkit

With the  Website Toolkit, IW:LEARN is able to provide GEF IW projects the support they need for developing a dynamic content management system. Websites developed using the Toolkit incorporate usability, accessibility and metadata standards

Spatial Lab

The IW:LEARN Spatial Lab aims to provide a customizable mapping of the GEF International Waters (IW) portfolio and provide a visualization of studies, reports and intervention results on the various transboundary water basins pulled together with the help of the GEF IW projects, partner organizations and authoritative sources and other contributors.