Welcome to the Groundwater and Conjunctive Water Management Hub

Recognizing the importance of groundwater resources and their joint management with surface water and other resources for transboundary water security, this hub gathers and enables exchanges of knowledge and practices within and outside the GEF International Waters (IW) portfolio to enhance IW project effective action towards a comprehensive integration of all water resources.

Conjunctive Water Management is an approach to water resources management in which surface water, groundwater and other components of the water cycle are considered as one single resource, and therefore are managed in closest possible coordination, in order to maximize overall benefits from water and to minimize its potential harmful impacts, both at the short and at the long term.

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Celebrating World Water Day by reducing nitrogen waste; protecting our groundwaters starts with Nitrogen
21 Mar 2022
(GEF IW:LEARN World Water Day 2022 Special Bulletin) Following COP-26 in Glasgow, the second part of the 5th United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA5.2) served as a critical point for countri...
Sustained GEF support for the Barcelona Convention in the Mediterranean
21 Mar 2022
GEF IW:LEARN World Water Day 2022 Special Bulletin
From improved knowledge to governance of transboundary groundwater
21 Mar 2022
(GEF IW:LEARN World Water Day 2022 Special Bulletin) With the water resources of the Northern Sahara Aquifer System (NSSA) also known as SASS spread over 1 million km2 between Algeria, Libya, a...

Ongoing GEF Conjunctive Water Management projects worldwide

The Groundwater and Conjunctive Water Management Hub is supported by the GEF IW:LEARN and offers a platform for capturing knowledge and building capacity for practitioners on transboundary waters management.