National Dialogues on Conjunctive Surface Water and Groundwater Management in Albania, Montenegro, Morocco and Tunisia under the UNEP/GEF MedProgramme (April 2024)
29 Mar 2024 by
In April 2024, National Dialogues on conjunctive water management will be organized in four beneficiary countries, Albania, Montenegro, Morocco and Tunisia, under the framework of the...
Groundwater & Conjunctive Water Management (GW & CWM) Online Portfolio Consultation Meeting
18 Mar 2024 by
The online portfolio consultation meeting will gather GEF IW freshwater projects, agencies, partner organizations and groundwater practitioners.
UN 2023 Water Conference
13 Oct 2023 by
GEF supported the side-event convened on 24 March 2023 by Namibia, Botswana and South Africa during the UN 2023 Water Conference.
GEF IW:LEARN at the UN-Water Summit on Groundwater 2022 (7-8 December 2022, UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France)
12 Oct 2023 by
GEF IW:LEARN, UNESCO-IHP, UNEP, UNDP, UNECE, IGRAC and OSS convened a Pre-Summit Side-Event on the topic of Enhancing the contribution of groundwater for water security.
Invisible water in the Bolivian Amazon
22 Feb 2024 by IW:LEARN on Exposure
For the inhabitants of Sacaba and Santa Cruz de la Sierra, in the Bolivian Amazon, the challenge of water is not new. Although they are located in the basin of the Madeira River, one ...
Flowing underground: Stories from Mount Elgon
14 Dec 2023 by
The Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) is a cooperative arrangement initiated and led by the Nile riparian countries to promote joint development, protection, and management of the common wa...
FLOWING UNDERGROUND: Groundwater holds promise of closing the gap between water supply and demand in the Nile Basin
24 Nov 2023 by
The Kagera aquifer is defined as the low areas of alluvium deposits around the Kagera River. The transboundary aquifer thickness is not precisely mapped but is expected to be in the o...
GEF IW:LEARN Dialogue on Conjunctive Management of Surface and Groundwater
27 Sep 2023 by
Global workshop on Conjunctive Management of Surface and Groundwater: National to Transboundary level on 16 -17 October 2023, GENEVA and online
The Drin Basin: A largely unexplored groundwater network, indispensable for human lives in the region
31 Mar 2022 by IW:LEARN on Exposure
This article was published by the GEF funded Drin Project on the GWP Med website on World Water day 2022 and shared with IW:LEARN.
Celebrating World Water Day by reducing nitrogen waste; protecting our groundwaters starts with Nitrogen
21 Mar 2022 by IW:LEARN on Exposure
(GEF IW:LEARN World Water Day 2022 Special Bulletin) Following COP-26 in Glasgow, the second part of the 5th United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA5.2) served as a critical point f...
Sustained GEF support for the Barcelona Convention in the Mediterranean
21 Mar 2022 by IW:LEARN on Exposure
GEF IW:LEARN World Water Day 2022 Special Bulletin
From improved knowledge to governance of transboundary groundwater
21 Mar 2022 by IW:LEARN on Exposure
(GEF IW:LEARN World Water Day 2022 Special Bulletin) With the water resources of the Northern Sahara Aquifer System (NSSA) also known as SASS spread over 1 million km2 between Algeria...
Protecting the environment to secure groundwater
20 Mar 2022 by IW:LEARN on Exposure
(GEF IW:LEARN World Water Day 2022 Special Bulletin) Kakukuru-Rwenanura Town Council is found in Ntungamo District and lies within the Kagera basin in Uganda. Over the last six, years...
Providing water for food security to local communities in Botswana and Zimbabwe
15 Mar 2022 by IW:LEARN on Exposure
GEF IW:LEARN World Water Day 2022 Special Bulletin
Valuing Water as the SADC Region Struggles with Climate Change Impacts
22 Mar 2021 by IW:LEARN on Exposure
GEF IW:LEARN World Water Day 2021 Special Bulletin
Overcoming barriers to effective use and protection of shared aquifers and groundwater in the Nile
23 Dec 2020 by IW:LEARN on Exposure
Water demand for various uses in the Nile Basin is rapidly growing and threatens the supply of conventional surface-based sources. More than 70% of the rural population in many parts ...
Good practices for sharing groundwater geospatial data
23 Dec 2020 by IW:LEARN on Exposure
Commissioned by SADC-GMI and in cooperation with IHE Delft, IGRAC developed a report on ‘Good practices for sharing groundwater geospatial data’ within the framework of the project ‘E...
Regional actions promoting IWRM and climate change adaptation commence in the Amazon
23 Dec 2020 by IW:LEARN on Exposure
The Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO) and the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) is pleased to announce the start of activities of the Amazon Strategic Action Program (SAP) I...
UNESCO-IHP and GEF IW:LEARN publication on Conjunctive Water Management now available
08 Dec 2020 by
Sea water, atmospheric water, ice and snow cover, surface water, groundwater, soil water, water in the human water use chain and wastewater are all interconnected within the hydrologi...
The GEF IW Project Management and TDA-SAP Online Courses are here!
06 Nov 2020 by
We are very happy to announce that we have developed and launched two new, self-paced online courses for project managers in the GEF IW Community and their teams, which are hosted on ...
Providing access to groundwater to the Chongwe community: A pilot project in Zambia
26 Oct 2020 by IW:LEARN on Exposure
COVID-19 has set new rules for us—regular handwashing, wearing of masks, and frequent sanitation. All these have become the ‘new normal’ as we embrace physical distancing with the hop...
"Co-managing water in the river and below one's feet to enhance resilience and sustain water services"
19 Oct 2020 by
On 22 October, the UNESCO Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme (IHP), in partnership with GEF IW:LEARN and IGRAC, organized an online discussion on Conjunctive Water Management (...
NEW: UNESCO-IHP publication “Management and Protection of Mediterranean Groundwater-Related Coastal Wetlands and their Services”
18 Oct 2020 by
Sound management of “groundwater-related coastal wetlands” implies to look at many different origins of water resources and interactions between them. This constitutes a typical situa...
Technical Webinar: "Monitoring Strategies in Transboundary Aquifers: Goals, Methods and Tools - The Case of the DRIN Project"
16 Oct 2020 by
This online workshop taking place on On 20 October 2020 is convened by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), in partnership with the United Na...
Webinar: Groundwater’s Role in Urban Water Supply
30 Sep 2020 by
On 02 October, the International Water Association (IWA) Climate Smart Utilities and the IWA Specialist Group on Groundwater Management are organizing this Webinar to tackle best prac...
The report on the hydrogeological assessment of the transboundary aquifer Zarumilla is now available
29 Sep 2020 by
The main objective of the study is to estimate the water availability of the Zarumilla aquifer, to provide information on the volume of water it has stored, and with that gain knowled...
Tapping the Hidden Potential of Southern Africa’s Groundwater
16 Jul 2020 by
The answer to the region's worsening water shortages may lie beneath its feet.
GEF announces new investment in Central America's blue economy
07 Nov 2019 by
At the "Our Ocean" conference in Oslo, the head of the Global Environment Facility announced a $6.8 million contribution from the GEF Trust Fund to help seven countries across Central...
2nd SADC Groundwater Conference
30 Aug 2019 by
The 2nd SADC Groundwater Conference is organized by the Southern African Development Community – Groundwater Management Institute (SADC-GMI) in collaboration with the United nations, ...
World Water Forum 8
18 Mar 2018 by
The World Water Forum is the world’s biggest water-related event and is organized by the World Water Council. IW:LEARN is coordinating two sessions as part of the Thematic Process 8 o...