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23 May 2019
Research position on ocean modelling and reanalysis (CMCC)
The Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC) is taking into consideration the possibility to hire talented, motivated and proactive researcher to cover one open position on ocean modelling and reanalysis. (Application deadline: 09 Jun 2019)
21 May 2019
Consultancy Services to undertake an economic valuation and cost benefit analysis of the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem (BCLME)
This consultancy will build on the economic valuation that was undertaken in 2011. Owing to this, the output from the consultancy is expected to enhance sustainable development in the BCLME by providing a comprehensive economic analysis to the Parties (countries) for planning, management and decision making based on the economic value of the marine and coastal resources of the BCLME region for the maximum socio-economic benefits while maintaining environmental sustainability. The economic valuation and cost benefit analysis will also contribute to the process of TDA and SAP review of the BCC by providing economic data and information. The valuation and cost benefit analysis will be embedded in the policy appraisal context for the SAP to provide support for identifying options and alternatives to address the transboundary problems and contribute to development of sustainable development pathways.
21 May 2019
Consultancy Services to review and update the Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) and Strategic Action Programme (SAP) and to develop National Action Plans (NAPs) for the Benguela Large Marine Ecosystem (BCLME)
The consultants will facilitate the review and update of the BCC TDA and SAP and the development of the NAPs. The review and update process will be highly consultative with strong engagement of the BCC Parties. The BCLME III Project has National Project Officers in each of the three BCC Parties who will support the consultants with stakeholder engagement and consultation as well as data collection at national level. BCC will form expert groups for different technical themes as needed to support the TDA review and update process.
15 May 2019
MTE/MTR Consultants to join the GPN vetted roster of experts
To facilitate the timely completion of MTEs for projects financed by the GEF family of funds, GCF and AF, UNDP is developing a roster of experts that would be comprised of vetted capable and qualified individuals who can be called upon as International Consultants (ICs) who would carry out MTEs. A screening procedure will be applied to select the prospective applicants who will be invited to join the ExpRes roster, a consultant procurement and deployment mechanism which maintains pre-vetted consultants on a roster and contracts them quickly for country support via UNDP-GEF Unit’s Results Based Management team. The roster will be maintained for a period of 3 years. Retention in the roster of selected experts will be contingent on continuous delivery of satisfactory services. These MTEs will be managed by the UNDP-GEF Directorate based in New York, in close collaboration with relevant UNDP COs who are responsible for the recruitment of MTE National Consultants and the logistics of MTE missions. The MTE ICs consultants will assess progress towards the achievement of the selected projects’ objectives and outcomes as specified in Project Documents and assess early signs of project success or failure with the goal of identifying the necessary changes to be made in order to set the project on-track to achieve its intended results. The MTE consultants will also review the project’s strategy and its risks to sustainability. The current generic call aims to build on UNDP's GPN/ExpRes roster capacity of consultants with relevant experience in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) to support UNDP Global Environmental Finance (UNDP-GEF) Unit. The Experts Roster for Rapid Response (ExpRes) is a recruitment and deployment mechanism which maintains pre-vetted consultants on a roster and contracts them quickly for country office support. The GPN/Experts Roster for Rapid Response (ExpRes) provides pre-selected and technically vetted consultants across 21 profiles and 79 sub-profiles to support the work of UNDP Country Offices/units and other UNDP partner agencies.
24 Apr 2019
Senior Water Resources Management / Floods Specialist position in Sofia
The World Bank has just advertised a Sr. Water Resources Management / Floods Specialist position in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Terms of Reference are included below. The position details (req2705) are available on the Bank's external website ( and the closing date is May 14, 2019. The position requires extensive, applied experience with the EU Floods Directive and Floods Management Plans in general.
04 Apr 2019
Regional Technical Specialist for Water, Ecosystems, and Biodiversity
The Regional Technical Specialist (RTS) for Water, Ecosystems, and Biodiversity is primarily responsible for providing technical, policy, and programming implementation support and oversight, as well as, knowledge and capacity development services pertaining to the work of the Water & Oceans and Ecosystems and Biodiversity signature programmes to UNDP country offices and UNDP’s various implementing partners. The RTS is also expected to support and oversee UNDP´s work with other UN agencies, governments and inter-governmental organizations, NGO’s, donors (bilateral, IFI, foundations), the private sector and other stakeholders.
02 Apr 2019
Pacific Central American Coastal Large Marine Ecosystem (PACA) - Expert on Environmental Threats
The expert in Environmental Threats will ensure to analyse and include all threats posed to the PACA LME in each country, such as pollution, climate change, and any other that is affecting the ecosystem
02 Apr 2019
Gender and Stakeholder Engagement and Participation Expert - Pacific Central American Coastal Large Marine Ecosystem (PACA)
The Stakeholder Engagement and Gender Specialist will provide a Participatory Gender Analysis and will work closely with the Team Leader to ensure that its findings are meaningfully integrated into the project’s strategy, theory of change and results framework
01 Apr 2019
Vacancy: Consultant to Support Resource Mobilization in the Large Marine Ecosystem Portfolio
Terms of Reference (ToR) for a consultant to undertake activities in support of implementation of the Resource Mobilisation Strategy for the Large Marine Ecosystem (including supporting a partnership conference). The closure of vacancy is 17 April 2019 and the directions for application are contained within the attachment.