International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Webinar II - Video

IW:LEARN Webinar by WWAP on Thursday, June 8, 2017.

Disaggregating water data by sex is crucial to analyze gendered roles in water resources management and inform policy- and decision-makers to create gender responsive water policies in light of the global commitments to gender equality of Agenda 2030. An effective gender analysis is essential for understanding the provision, management, and conservation of the world’s water resources, and this is achievable through sex-disaggregated data collection and the application of specific gender-related water indicators. This webinar aims to familiarize GEF IW stakeholders but also a more general audience to the use of gender analytical tools (WWAP Toolkit). It introduces the use of key indicators and techniques to sex-disaggregate water data and their application in the field (case study example). Overall, the webinar focuses on the fundamental role of gender analysis to strengthen water cooperation.