International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Webinar I - Video

This is the first webinar of the IW:LEARN Webinar Series on Gender and Water, executed by WWAP and WWF. T

he webinar intends to explain and discuss the relevance of the ‘gender issue’, and discuss how newly developed gender & water analytical tools can be applied in project cycle (special focus on GEF IW Projects) to improve its effectiveness. It explains the objectives and activities of the gender IW:LEARN component and the overall concept on gender (mainstreaming) and women’s empowerment. It also focuses on how this can enhance the effectiveness of projects and strengthen the basis for water cooperation.

The GEF-funded IW:LEARN project has included in its fourth cycle a gender sub-component “Promotion of Gender Mainstreaming in the GEF IW Portfolio”. In this framework, the Webinar series ‘IW:LEARN WEBINAR SERIES – ‘ENGENDERING INTERNATIONAL WATERS’, executed by the United Nations World Water Assessment Programme of UNESCO (WWAP) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), takes place. With six webinars, it aims to provide GEF IW projects with the elements and tools for training project staff and client country experts on water and gender issues in the context of different project.