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Policy on Gender Mainstreaming

This Policy expresses the Global Environment Facility’s commitment to enhancing the degree to which the GEF and its Partner Agencies promote the goal of gender equality through GEF operations. The policy calls on the GEF and its Partner Agencies to mainstream gender into GEF operations, including efforts to analyze and address in GEF projects the specific needs and role of both women and men, as appropriate to each intervention. The Policy includes several requirements for the GEF Secretariat and GEF Partner Agencies, including the following: (a) In order to be eligible to receive GEF financing for GEF projects, all GEF Partner Agencies will be required to have established either (a) policies, (b) strategies, or (c) action plans that promote gender equality; \ (b) The policies, strategies, or action plans of each GEF Partner Agency will need to satisfy the minimum criteria on gender mainstreaming that are included in the policy for the Agency’s systems to be assessed as adequate; (c) To support the application of the gender policy, the GEF Secretariat will coordinate the development of corporate-wide guidance for use by the GEF Agencies and GEF Secretariat program managers on the inclusion of gender aspects in the design of projects and on the monitoring and evaluation of gender dimensions in the context of its projects. Such guidance will take into account that not all GEF projects involve gender aspects in equal measure, depending on the focal area and scope of the project. (d) The GEF Agencies shall incorporate such guidance into their project and program proposals submitted to the Secretariat for review. (Published on 24 Mar 2020)

24 mar. 2020

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