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FUNBIO Gender Mainstreaming Policy

In recent years Brazil has made great strides in bridging the gap between genders and providing new opportunities for women to enter, and excel in, all aspects of Brazilian society. The election of its first female president in 2010 is one such milestone. Within Funbio, this process has also advanced markedly, with a female Executive Secretary and a staff that is 68% female. 4. In this Policy, Funbio seeks to mainstream these and other advances in gender equality and development decision-making within the framework of its project cycle. To this end, Funbio has (a) identified a set of principles to orient its work in gender mainstreaming and established (b) internal structures for the monitoring of gender issues within its project cycle and (c) policies promoting proactive actions for achieving greater gender equality in its projects (Effective date 11 Jul 2014).

22 Nov 2019

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