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The document library includes a wide array of outputs from projects (reports, presentations, case studies, terms of reference) as well as other content of interest to GEF International waters. Project managers and GEF International Waters staff are invited to give their feedback or submit case studies, ToRs, or other documentation to be included in the document library (

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23 Mar 2021 - other - project: 6993 - English Policy Brief: Sustainable development pathways to water, food, and energy security in the Zambezi basin
The Zambezi basin has enough resources to meet its development targets but doing so sustainably will require making strategic choices that deviate from the prevailing development paradigm and investing in the outstanding natural capital of riparia...
23 Mar 2021 - other - project: 6993 - English Policy brief: Cooperation and joint investments are key to sustainable development in the Indus basin
Achieving sustainable development in the Indus basin will strongly depend on the capacity of riparian countries to realize the opportunities that arise when cooperation and joint investments across sectors and countries are embraced.
03 Mar 2021 - other - project: 9607 - English Gender Mainstreaming Strategy of the MedProgramme
The MedProgramme represents a pioneering effort, being the first GEF programmatic multi-focal initiative in the Mediterranean region, aiming to operationalize agreed-upon priority actions to reduce major transboundary environmental stresses in its...
18 Oct 2020 - other - English Diagnostic form for aquifer, groundwater or conjunctive water management projects
Developed by the IHP-UNESCO, the “Diagnostic form for Experience sharing and Needs assessment” represents an opportunity for projects, partners, basin organizations and other stakeholders to identify: actions that already took place in their basin...
18 May 2020 - other - project: 4581 - English [ABNJ Tuna and Biodiversity] Ghana EMS video
02 Feb 2020 - other - English GEF Bulletin: The Summary of 53rd Meeting of the Global Environment Facility Council
A summary about the 53rd Meeting of the Global Environment Facility Council held on 28-30 November 2017 (Published in 3 December 2017).
02 Feb 2020 - other - English Gender Equality Action Plan
The GEF recognizes gender equality as an important social goal in and of itself, with associated implications for the projects that receive GEF support. The GEF aims to achieve global environmental benefits and sustainable development by promoting...
02 Feb 2020 - other - English Policy on Gender Equality
The GEF’s ability to effectively generate global environmental benefits and catalyze the transformative change needed to protect the global environment is underpinned by efforts to promote Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women and Girls (Pu...
02 Feb 2020 - other - English Policy on Gender Mainstreaming
This Policy expresses the Global Environment Facility’s commitment to enhancing the degree to which the GEF and its Partner Agencies promote the goal of gender equality through GEF operations (Published in 01 May 2012).
27 Jan 2020 - other - English UNDP's Gender Equality Strategy 2014-2017
The promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women is central to the mandate of UNDP and intrinsic to its development approach. This effort includes advocating for women’s and girls’ equal rights, combatting discriminatory practices and...
27 Jan 2020 - other - English UNIDO's Policy on Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women
The Organization pursues the programmatic goals of gender equality and the empowerment of women both collectively within the United Nations system and individually as the United Nation’s specialized agency mandated to advance the well being of wom...
27 Jan 2020 - other - English Water Resource Management and Gender
This briefing note is one of a series, produced by WWF-UK, to help develop understanding and awareness around the importance of gender analysis in natural resource management programmes (Published in 2012).
26 Jan 2020 - other - English Harmonizing Gender in the Three Rio Conventions and the GEF
The importance of gender mainstreaming in environmental protection and poverty eradication policies has also been acknowledged in a wide range of global agreements and forums.
26 Jan 2020 - other - English IFAD's Gender Mainstreaming
The concept of gender mainstreaming requires that all IFAD staff contribute to the implementation of the gender policy through their work (Published in October 2016).
25 Jan 2020 - other - English IFAD's Gender and Water
This review examines the impact of water-related projects on women, women’s role in managing water resources and the constraints women face in gaining access to water. It presents lessons learned in promoting women’s participation in decision-maki...
23 Jan 2020 - other - English AfDB's Gender Policy
This policy paper defines the commitment of the African Development Bank (the Bank) to promote gender mainstreaming as a means of fostering poverty reduction, economic development and gender equality on the continent. The policy is set within the ...
23 Jan 2020 - other - English Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment Policy
The policy will reinforce IFAD’s position as a leader in promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment in agricultural and rural development. It builds on IFAD’s experience and achievements in field operations and in the broader policy arena i...
22 Jan 2020 - other - French Fiche de Controle Pour la Prise en Compte des Aspects Genre dans le Secteur de l'eau et l’Assainissement
La Banque Ouest Africaine de Développement (BOAD) a adopté une politique en matière de genre, qui définit l’engagement de la Banque à promouvoir la prise en compte de la problématique hommes-femmes comme moyen de favoriser la réduction de la pauvr...
25 Nov 2019 - other - English FAO POLICY ON GENDER EQUALITY: Attaining Food Security Goals in Agriculture and Rural Development
Gender equality is central to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations’ (FAO’s) mandate to achieve food security for all by raising levels of nutrition, improving agricultural productivity and natural resource management, and im...
25 Nov 2019 - other - English Foreign Economic Cooperation Office Gender Mainstreaming Methodology
Recent years have witnessed some progress in social gender equality. However, women are still in a weak position, as there still exists gender binary opposition stereotypes and gender mainstreaming still needs advocacy and practice. The Foreign Ec...




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