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Overview of Resources on Gender-Sensitive Data Related to Water

This report presents the results of a literature review on gender and water with particular emphasis on sexdisaggregated data and gender indicators. It provides an inventory of sex-disaggregated data produced or published between 2008 and early 2015. It also includes several key documents produced before 2008. The literature review covers official, scholarly and non-governmental literature and highlights significant initiatives to collect sex-disaggregated data in water and/or sanitation. The purpose of this report is to inform and support the United Nations World Water Assessment Programme (UN WWAP) project to develop an indicators-based methodology to assess women’s role and empowerment in the access, use and management of water resources. The report is divided into four sections: (1) Sex-disaggregated data on water; (2) Social data on water (not gender-disaggregated); (3) Policy support for gender mainstreaming and sex-disaggregated data; and (4) Overview of resources for indicators and methodology. Each section is divided into sub-levels and begins with a summary, which together illustrate the current state of sex-disaggregated data on gender and water. (Published in 2015)

27 Mar 2020

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