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Reducing Environmental Stress in the Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem (YSLME)

The Yellow Sea is one of the most intensely exploited areas in the world. Approximately 10% of the world population lives in the area that drains to the Yellow Sea. This Sea is a semi-enclosed basin, shallow but reach in resources, and its waters are a highway for international shipping. Large cities, among them Shanghai, Dalian, Tianjin and Seoul, depend on the Yellow Sea as a source of marine resources for human nutrition, economic development, reacreation and tourism.

The analysis conducted during PDF-B works indicated the following major transboundary environmental problems:

  • (i) Decline/collapse of transboundary fish stocks;
  • (ii) degradation of Biodiversity and of critical habitats;
  • (iii) water quality deterioration;
  • (iv) unsanitary conditions due to dispersion of pathogens and contaminants threatening human health and mariculture.

The objective of the proposed project is to promote multi-country ecosystem based management practices with the aim of reducing stresses to the environment due to population and industrialization pressures. The project will enhance consultations among littoral countries building on existing partial agreements (APEC etc.) and operationalizing elements of UNEP's Regional Seas Programme (NOWPAP). The project will complement activities of the East Asian Seas GEF project and of the Tumen River GEF projects.

Large Marine Ecosystem

Yellow Sea (LME)


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General information
GEF ID 790
Project type Full-Size Project
Status closed (Project Closure)
Start Date 12 Apr 2004
End Date 31 Mar 2011
YES - See results data (790)
GEF characteristic:
Focal Area International Waters
GEF Allocation to project USD 14,394,183
Total Cost of the project: USD 24,696,248
China , Korea Republic of , Regional

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Project contacts
Mr. Andrew Menz Deputy Regional Director
Mr. Yihang Jiang Project Manager
Ms Euidea Yun IT Specialist
Mr Isao Endo Environmental Economist
Dr Mark Walton Fisheries and Biodiversity Officer
Mr. Jongtae Choi IT Administrator
Dr. Andrew Hudson Head of Water & Ocean Governance
Mr. Jose Erezo Padilla Regional technical Adviser(RTA)