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Report of National Project Co-ordinator – Republic of Korea

This Progress Report covers progress of the project made during the period from January through November 2007. Following the completion of the TDA (Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis) Report, activities for the 2007, the Third Year of the Project, have mainly been focused on the preparation of the SAP (Strategic Action Programme). A series of meetings have been organized by the Project Management Office (PMO); SAP Consultation Meeting in February, the 1st SAP Ad- Hoc Working Group Meeting in April, 1st Regional Science Conference on the Yellow Sea and 2nd SAP Ad-Hoc Working Group Meetings in August, etc. Efforts have also been made to fulfill the cooperative study cruise which has been carried over from the last year. With strenuous efforts and coordination by the PMO, an agreement has been reached between two countries to launch a joint winter cruise in next January 2008. The major activities and outcomes of the project in 2007 are described and listed by months in the report. It is believed that the Project has been progressed well so far except for the delay of the joint cruise.

790: Reducing Environmental Stress in the Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem (YSLME)

04 May 2010 by iwlearn


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