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Integrated Natural Resource Management in the Baikal Basin Transboundary Ecosystem

The project’s objective is to spearhead integrated natural resource management of Baikal Lake Basin and Hövsgöl Lake ensuring ecosystem resilience, reduced water quality threats in the context of sustainable economic development. The project has three primary components: elaborating a strategic policy and planning framework; strengthening institutional capacity for IWRM; and demonstrating water quality and biodiversity mainstreaming practice, including groundwater monitoring and protection.

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General information
GEF ID 4029
Project type Full-Size Project
Status active (Under Implementation)
Start Date 06 May 2011
End Date 30 Dec 2013
GEF characteristic:
Focal Area Multi Focal Area
GEF Allocation to project USD 3,898,000
Total Cost of the project: USD 14,568,000
YES - See results data (4029)
Mongolia , Russian Federation , Regional

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Project contacts
Sergey Kudelya Project manager
Dmitry Popov Project Administration and Logistics Officer
Vladimir Mamaev GEF Regional Technical Advisor
Dr. Bunchingiv Bazartseren Rural Development Specialist
Natalia Olofinskaya Head of UNDP Project Office