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Guinea Current (LME)

1,925,529 Km2
13,825 Km


Total cost 522.00M US$
GEF allocation 64.00M US$
1. Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) developed and disseminated to all stakeholders
2. Strategic Action Programme (SAP) developed, adopted and National Action Programs (NAP) prepared and validated by 15 IGCC member states with costed Investment Projects.
3. Decision by Ministers of 16 IGCC member states to establish the Guinea Current Commission (#3314, Guinea Current)
This project has been under implementation since late 2009, and has achieved considerable progress in establishing collaborative management partnerships with a number of communities
1. Continued support to the four pilot communities co-managing the coastal fisheries in central Senegal, resulting in implementation of a number of measures such as closed seasons, reserved fishing zones and incre...
IWC6 Results Note (2011)
IWC6 Results Note (2011)
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