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SSA Fisheries - Project Concept Paper

The Strategic Partnership would thus use most efficiently the comparative advantages of all the partners, with the Global Forum and Trust Fund providing the coordination and seed money for the upstream analytical work and the preparation of the adjustment and investment needs, the separate Sustainable Fisheries Investment Fund providing cofinancing on a fast track basis for the GEF-eligible investments based on agreed-upon criteria for projects in fisheries management, the World Bank and IDA, in cooperation with other donors, providing the funding for the investments which mainly provide local benefits, and the FAO and WWF providing the technical and implementation expertise. Thus, the Strategic Partnership would operate at multiple scales to promote country-level investments in Sub-Saharan Africa that can build coastal countries’ capacity to implement sustainable fisheries management policies and measures and meet the fisheries targets set by the WSSD

3271: Regional Activities of the Strategic Partnership for a Sustainable Fisheries Investment Fund in the Large Marine Ecosystems of Sub Saharan Africa, Tranche 1

13 Apr 2010

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