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5.5 - Inter-ministerial Committees and Institutional issues



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IWCAM: Toolkit for Institutional, Policy and Legislative improvements (In this publication, you will find a Toolkit which allows national legislative draftspersons and technocrats to work together in amending and/or drafting appropriate legislation in support of the core objectives of the LBS Protocol. This guideline document, although prepared with direct relevance to the LBS Protocol, can be used in other SIDS regions, as a reference document when amending legislation in support of other Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs).

IWCAM - Toolkit for Institutional, Policy and Legislative Improvements

Lake Skadar: Internal Rules for the functioning of Skadar-Shkoder Lake Commission

Lake Skadar - Internal Rules for the Functioning of the IMC

DRP: Interim Progress Report on the Strategic Partnership of the Danube/Black Sea Region

DRP - Progress Report on IMC

DRP: Report evaluating the results of setting up IMCs in the Danube River countries. DRP - Setting up IMCs Evaluation

DRP Report on Strengthening of the Inter ministerial coordination mechanisms in the Danube and Black Sea Region

DRP - Current IMC State