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5.12 - Demonstration Projects


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IWCAM Demonstration Project Guidance

IWCAM - Demonstration Project Guidance Manual

Tisza: Call for project ideas in Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine.

Tisza - Call for Demonstration Project Ideas

A Compendium of case studies for all of the Demonstration Projects that made up the IWCAM Project

IWCAM - Demonstration Project Case Studies

Pacific IWRM: Lessons Learned to Project Mid-Term and Opportunities for Replication and Scaling-up IWRM in Pacific Island Countries

Pacific IWRM - Lessons Learned and opportunities to replicate scaling up

Pacific IWRM: Options for Strengthening Community Involvement in IWRM via Development and Implementation of a Partnership with the GEF Small Grants Programme

Pacific IWRM - Strengthening Community Involvement through SGP

Pacific IWRM: Project Budget and Tracking of Cash and in-Kind Contributions to Project Activities

Pacific IWRM - Approach to Project Budgeting and tracking of Cash and in kind contributions

Pacific IWRM: Proposed Project Funding Rules for National IWRM Demonstration Projects

Pacific IWRM - Proposed Funding Rules for Demonstration Activities

Pacific IWRM: Draft Rules of Operation for a regional reallocation pool for unspent national IWRM demonstration project funds

Pacific IWRM - Rules for Reallocation of unspent demonstration project funds

Pacific IWRM: Enhancing Partner and Stakeholder Engagement in IWRM Demonstration Project Delivery Pacific IWRM - Enhancing Partner and Stakeholder Engagement