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5.10 - Climate Change


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Pacific IWRM: Climate variability and change issues influencing the achievement of water and sanitation outcomes in Pacific Island Countries

Pacific IWRM - Climate Variability and Change in the Pacific Islands
UNEP/UNDP Poverty and Environment Initiative - A Practitioners Guide Manual for mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation into national development planning as part of broader poverty-environment mainstreaming efforts. The present guide addresses this need for integrating climate change adaptation considerations into the work of PEI.

UNEP/UNDP PEI - Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation into Development Planning: A Guide for Practitioners

Mangroves for the Future - This manual produced by UNEP in collaboration with UNDP, MFF (Mangroves for the Future) and IUCN has the objective of  ensuring that climate change adaptation considerations are included in all phases of the MFF initiative and projects (i.e. mainstreamed).  It outlines MFF's work and Climate Change considerations, reviews tools and methods and show hot to integrate climate change considerations into the project cycle.

MFF - Climate Proof - A Reference Tool to Coastal Climate Change

Secretariat for the Pacific Community - This Manual contains a collection of best practices and lessons learned for mainstreaming processes for climate change adaptation in the context of the Pacific Islands.

SPC - Mainstreaming processes for climate change adaptation: Collection of best practices