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5.8 - Gender Mainstreaming


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FAO: Mainstreaming Gender into Project Cycle Management in the Fisheries Sector. This manual has been prepared to facilitate gender analysis and project planning in fisheries development projects.

FAO - Mainstreaming Gender in Fisheries Sector

Global Water Partnership: Technical Brief #5 - Mainstreaming gender in integrated water resources management strategies and plans: practical steps for practitoners - Mainstreaming Gender in IWRMLegal and Institutional Frameworks Project - Mainstreaming Gender in the Governance of Transboundary Waters Concept Paper Project - Mainstreaming Gender in TB Waters GoveranceThe Force of the Current - Watershed Management from a Gender Equity Perspective (Book) Project - Book on Gender and Water ManagementGEF - Mainstreaming Gender at the GEFthegef.orgGEF - Mainstreaming Gender