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The document library includes a wide array of outputs from projects (reports, presentations, case studies, terms of reference) as well as other content of interest to GEF International waters. Project managers and GEF International Waters staff are invited to give their feedback or submit case studies, ToRs, or other documentation to be included in the document library (

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25 Oct 2023 - project-identification-form - project: 10685 - English Build back a blue and stronger Mediterranean PIF
Project Objective: Strong, effective, and sustainable management of Mediterranean MPAs to address global changes and to provide long-term socio-ecological benefits in the Mediterranean in a post-COVID recovery context.
18 Oct 2023 - outreach-material - project: 10685 - English Framework of cooperation on monitoring and data sharing for mobile species
The cooperation framework aims to promote cooperation and data sharing for the conservation of mobile species. It includes a code of conduct advocating the need to cooperate throughout the range of mobile species.
18 Oct 2023 - outreach-material - project: 10685 - French Cadre de coopération pour le suivi et le partage des données pour la gestion et la conservation des espèces mobiles
Le cadre de coopération vise à promouvoir la coopération et le partage des données pour la conservation des espèces mobiles. Il inclut un code de conduite prônant la nécessité de coopérer dans l'ensemble de l'aire de répartition des espèces mobiles.
18 Oct 2023 - presentation - project: 10685 - English Customizable presentation for full protection in your MPA
These documents provide MPA managers with a communication toolbox in the form of a modular PowerPoint and guidelines. The PowerPoint will be used to communicate to stakeholders projects related to full/high protection, in particular for the creati...
18 Oct 2023 - presentation - project: 10685 - French Présentation personnalisable pour une protection intégrale dans votre AMP
Ces documents fournissent aux gestionnaires d'AMP une boîte à outils de communication sous la forme d'un PowerPoint modulable et de lignes directrices. Le PowerPoint sera utilisé pour communiquer aux parties prenantes les projets liés à la protec...
18 Oct 2023 - workshop - project: 10685 - French Efficacité de la gestion des Aires Marines Protégées Actes d'atelier
Atelier régional d’échange d’expériences du réseau MedPAN Du 25 au 27 octobre 2022 - Petrovac, Monténégro et en ligne
18 Oct 2023 - workshop - project: 10685 - English Efficiency of the management of Marine Protected Areas: Workshop acts
Regional experience exchange workshop of the MedPAN network From October 25 to 27, 2022 - Petrovac, Montenegro and online
09 Oct 2023 - project-identification-form - project: 10573 - English Blue Horizon: Ocean Relief through Seaweed Aquaculture PIF
The project will work at the global, regional, and national level to strengthen and develop seaweed value chains. The project will work in the South China Sea,and will be aligned with the Strategic Action Plan. More specifically, the project will ...
26 Sep 2023 - presentation - English 2023 IOC/UNESCO N.K. Panikkar Lecture 2023 - Pathway to Sustainable Development (Slides Transcript Bio) Dr Kenneth Sherman
The IOC/UNESCO N.K. Panikkar Memorial Lecture was delivered by Dr. Kenneth Sherman, an esteemed figure who played a pivotal role in the development of the Large Marine Ecosystems (LME) concept. The LME approach, which encompasses five modules focu...
09 Feb 2022 - outreach-material - project: 2131 - English Pacific Islands Oceanic Fisheries Management Project
Written by Chris Severin of the GEF, this document outlines the main catalytic achievements of the project.
20 Jan 2022 - report - project: 4343 - English The YSLME Story: Management and Governance for the Restoration and Protection of the Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem
As the Yellow Sea region enters a new decade and in celebration of its 20 years of cooperation, the Governments of PR China and RO Korea together with UNDP, GEF, UNOPS and various partners from local, national, regional and international level are...
25 Nov 2021 - experience-notes - project: 9545 - English Integrating Ecosystem Approach into Marine Spatial Planning in the Adriatic
The GEF Adriatic Project (2018-2021) was implemented in Albania and Montenegro with the aim to restore the ecological balance of the Adriatic Sea through the use of the ecosystem approach and Marine Spatial Planning (MSP). Furthermore, the project...
25 Nov 2021 - experience-notes - project: 9545 - English Assessment of Marine Environment and Sustainability of Ecosystems in the Adriatic
The GEF Adriatic Project (2018-2021) was implemented in Albania and Montenegro with the aim to restore the ecological balance of the Adriatic Sea through the implementation of ecosystem approach. Within the project, two separate integrated assessm...
25 Nov 2021 - results-notes - project: 9545 - English Results and achievements of the of the GEF Adriatic project
GEF Adriatic is the first project within the UNEP/MAP system to have demonstrated the integration of an ecosystem approach in Marine Spatial Planning (MSP). Using this approach, conservation measures, remediation initiatives and development activi...
25 Nov 2021 - factsheet - project: 9545 - English Ecosystem approach and Marine Spatial Planning: Key tools to manage natural resources in a sustainable way
Through the use of the ecosystem approach, Marine Spatial Planning benefits from a series of sustainability assessments and generates an integrated plan, contributing to the achievement of Good Environmental Status (GES). Thus, it ensures that the...
25 Nov 2021 - publication - project: 9545 - English Blue Economy in Montenegro
Analysis of blue economy in Montenegro presented in this report was conducted in the period February – May 2020. The purpose of the analysis was to serve, together with other studies, as a basis for implementation of GEF Adriatic project activitie...
25 Nov 2021 - report - project: 9545 - English Assessment of the Ecological Status and MSP preliminary initial assessment in VloraMarine Area (Albania) in the framework of the MSP Pilot Project supported by the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea (IMELS) within the cooperation
The present Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) study is elaborated within the framework of the IMAP, the ICZM Protocol and the MSP Decision (Decision on the MSP Conceptual Framework) and are part of the MSP Pilot Project “MSP Pilot project in synergy w...
25 Nov 2021 - publication - project: 9545 - English Guidelines for marine spatial planning process in Albania
The following guidelines have been drafted keeping in mind the different audiences and stakeholders to which they are dedicated and their different objectives: For the planner and the manager: Ensure a continuity of planning, management, enforcem...
25 Nov 2021 - report - project: 9545 - English Policy document: MSP for Montenegro
The first MSP for Montenegro, with proposals of sea use zones and regimes for environmental protection, rehabilitation and uses.
25 Nov 2021 - outreach-material - project: 9545 - English Project summary
The Adriatic Sea is at a crossroads. The region’s marine resources and ecosystems are at risk, facing growing ecological threats and under increasing strain from all sectors of the blue economy. A coordinated approach – across borders and between ...




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