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Integrating Ecosystem Approach into Marine Spatial Planning in the Adriatic

The GEF Adriatic Project (2018-2021) was implemented in Albania and Montenegro with the aim to restore the ecological balance of the Adriatic Sea through the use of the ecosystem approach and Marine Spatial Planning (MSP). Furthermore, the project developed a model for the integration of the ecosystem approach into MSP in order to preserve Adriatic’s marine resources and ecosystems, facing the growing threats from different pressures, including unsustainable tourism and coastal urbanization, pollution and the climate change. In collaboration with Montenegrin national partners, the model is being tested and successfully implemented in Montenegro. This resulted in a draft planning document for the marine area covering 247,000 ha: at least 8% has been designated for conservation (equal to 45% of the internal waters), while nurturing the development of the blue economy at the same time. The methodology for integrating an ecosystem approach into MSP can be used as a model that can be replicated in other Mediterranean countries.

9545: Implementation of Ecosystem Approach in the Adriatic Sea through Marine Spatial Planning

25 Nov 2021

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