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CReW+: An Integrated Approach to Water and Wastewater Management Using Innovative Solutions and Promoting Financing Mechanisms in the Wider Caribbean Region

Project Objective: to implement innovative technical small-scale solutions for Wastewater Management in the Wider Caribbean Regionusing an integrated water and wastewater management approach and through building on sustainable financing mechanisms piloted.through the Caribbean Regional Fund for Wastewater Management.


North Brazil Shelf (LME) , Pacific Central-American Coastal (LME) , Caribbean Sea (LME) , Gulf of Mexico (LME)

Americas , Caribbean , Central America , South America

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General information
GEF ID 9601
Project type Full-Size Project
Status active (Project Approved)
Start Date 15 Nov 2019
GEF characteristic:
Focal Area International Waters, Land Degradation
GEF Allocation to project 14,943,938 USD
Total Cost of the project: 165,277,141.00 USD
Barbados , Belize , Colombia , Costa Rica , Cuba , Dominican Republic , Grenada , Guatemala , Guyana , Honduras , Jamaica , Mexico , Panama , Saint Kitts and Nevis , Saint Lucia , Saint Vincent and the Grenadines , Suriname , Trinidad and Tobago , Regional

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

Project contacts
Pedro Moreo Regional Coordinator
Raúl Muñoz Castillo Senior Water Resources Specialist