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Shanghai Agricultural and Non-Point Pollution Reduction project (SANPR) - under WB/GEF Strategic Partnership Investment Fund for Pollution Reduction in the LME of East Asia - Results

GEF IDS: 2544 , 3223



Information sources
3223: GEF4 IW Tracking Tool (2010), 3223: 2013 Results Note

Key Basin Project Results
1. A draft trilateral agreement on ‘Cooperation in the Field of Protection and Sustainable Development of the Dnipro River Basin’ has been developed and is supported by Ukraine and Belarus, with Russian participation sought.

2. The recommendations derived from the analyses of the EU Directives have been incorporated into the key regulatory acts of Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus

3. A robust environmental and water resources baseline for the Dnipro has been established, which will facilitate longterm monitoring of the environmental health of the river system.

Results data
Proportion of countries that are implementing specific measures from the SAP (i.e. adopted national policies, laws, budgeted plans)
Year: N/A - Value: 1
Industrial wastewater pollution reduction
Year: N/A - Value: [see desc]
Enterprises in Ukraine and Belarus have been identified and undergone Cleaner Production (CP) training. 19 enterprises took part in the training, 11 of them were certified due to their successfully developed business plans. Technical assessments by international and local experts have started. Since 2009, a Transboundary Quality Assessment/Quality Control (QA/QC) system has been undertaken during the transboundary expeditions. Tests are performed on a regular basis with a focus on sustainability and cooperation between Ukraine and Belarus. ACP Programme is being implemented to reduce the concentration of Persistent Toxic Substances (PTS) in discharging waste waters. CP trainings are being delivered to at least 25 industrial enterprises, 12 local authorities and the wider public. It is expected that at least 15 enterprises will be subject to a range of co-financing instruments by the end of the project. Furthermore, 24 experts from the Ukraine and 20 experts from Belarus completed CP training courses in Germany. (#3223, Dnipro SAP Implementation)
Restored habitat, including wetlands
Year: N/A - Value: 2651 ha
17,306 ha were identified with potential for reconnection. 2,651 ha are expected to be reconnected by 2015 and 12,993 ha (Ukraine) are planned for reconnection by 2021.

Two of the demonstration projects investigated the challenges of floodplains and wetlands resulting in 6 km of restored riverbank and a restored mountain stream in Ukraine. In Slovakia the concept of ‘making space for rivers’ has gained acceptance by the national Ministry of Environment following limited restoration of floodplains and wetlands in the Bodrog basin. Through the development of a manual on Integrated Land Development further stress reduction through improved management is expected. (#3223, Dnipro SAP Implementation)
Establishment of country-specific inter-ministerial committees
Year: N/A - Value: NO
Regional legal agreements and cooperation frameworks
Year: N/A - Value: YES
The joint TMP was elaborated for the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine. Program of Transboundary Monitoring is being adopted and implemented on the national level in the Republic of Belarus. The second phase of the Project has as its aim adoption of the TMP on the national level in 2011. (#3223, Dnipro SAP Implementation)

1. A draft trilateral agreement on ‘Cooperation in the Field of Protection and Sustainable Development of the Dnipro River Basin’ has been developed and is supported by Ukraine and Belarus, with Russian participation sought.

Legal and institutional mechanisms for the introduction of water sharing principles in the Dnipro Basin have been developed. Drafts of the Dnipro Basin Management Plans compliant with the EU WFD are also underway
Regional Management Institutions
Year: N/A - Value: NO
National/Local reforms
Year: N/A - Value: YES
6 EU directives have been analized in order to harmonize the Ukrainian and Belorussian legislation. The draft legislation acts are to be submitted to the Minisitries of Environmental Protection of Ukraine and Belarus in Februalry 2011 for their further review and processing (#3223, Dnipro SAP Implementation)
Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis: Agreement on transboundary priorities and root causes
Year: 2003 - Value: YES
2003 TDA
Development of Strategic Action Program (SAP)
Year: 2004 - Value: YES
SAP management bodies have been established and they meet on an annual basis in Ukraine (Dnipro Basin Councils) and the formation of such bodies is underway in Belarus. Information about SAP/NAP renewal and follow-up implementation is available in the media. (#3223, Dnipro SAP Implementation)