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Public Participation in International Waters Workshop

12th - 16th Nov 2007- Maseru, Lesotho
GEF IW:LEARN workshop on "Public Participation in International Waters Management" for Africa. The workshop was delivered in Maseru, Lesotho, on 13-16 November 2007, in partnership with the Environmental Law Institute, Africa Center for Water Research, InWeNT, the Lesotho government, GEF agencies and area projects.

Workshop Objectives

  •  Articulate the importance of public participation and the benefits it can bring to participants’ work and to stakeholders and the public
  • Identify a set of participation tools and techniques, and considerations in using these tools
  • Identify ways of strategically integrating these tools and techniques into project decision-making and implementation throughout their project cycle/work
  • Identify peers in region (or beyond) who can assist project in further addressing recognized capacity-building needs regarding participation
  • Meet and apply participants’ own personal set of learning objectives to their IW management activities
Maseru Field Trip Introduction   
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