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Batu Ampur Mangrove Demonstration Site Document

The Batu Ampar District mangrove forest area forms part of the Kapuas river estuary with a low slope and a few some small hills covering about 15 – 40% of the total area. Slopes range from 0 to 40%; less than 15% in the South, and between 15-40% in the northern portion of the area. Soil types in the mangrove forest area comprise grey alluvial hydromorf; grey alluvial association; and grey brown. Mangrove vegetation consists of an Avicennia sp. zone; Sonneratia sp. zone; mixed Rhizophora apiculata & Bruguiera sp. zone; mixed Rhizophora & Nypa fruticans zone; and Nypa fruticans monospecific stands. There are 21 true mangrove species and 17 associate mangrove species, including the endemic species (Kandelia candel). Rhizophora spp., Bruguiera spp. and Nypa fruticans are the dominant tree species over most of the mangrove forest area extending further inland along the watercourses.

885: Reversing Environmental Degradation Trends in the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand (SCS)

20 May 2010


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