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Experience Note : Plastic waste – A very visible indicator of pollution

2011: Plastic waste is a global issue that has received relatively little attention within the GEF IW community. It is a problem that is recognisable to a wide population and the source of the problem is often this same wide population. Plastic waste also serves as a very visible indicator of pollution and solving the problem of inappropriate disposal may have additional benefits of reducing other pollutants and helping to engender an enhanced appreciation of the environment. Through a pilot demonstration project, UNDP/GEF have reduced the amount of plastic (and other waste) in the Tisza River Basin and assisted with reducing transboundary tension that this pollution caused. The activities have already been replicated with private sector funds and there is significant regional support to further sustain these activities including a proven willingness of the local population in the pilot area to pay for solid waste collection.

2617: Establishment of a Basin Management Framework for the Integrated Management for the Tisza Transboundary River Basin

01 Jan 2016


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Peter Whalley