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Sulu-Celebes Sea 56 Giwa Regional Assessment

The GIWA region 56 Sulu-Celebes (Sulawesi) Sea includes some of the land and sea areas of three nations; the Philippines, Indonesia (North Sulawesi and East Kalimantan) and Malaysia (Sabah), and forms part of the Philippine-Malay Archipelago, which lies at the centre of global biodiversity. The marine waters of the region form a Large Marine Ecosystem (LME), bounded on most of its western and northern extent by the islands of the Philippines and GIWA region 54 South China Sea, on its southern extent by the Islands of Borneo and Sulawesi and GIWA region 57 Indonesian Seas and eastern extent by GIWA region 62 Pacifi c Islands.

584: Global International Waters Assessment (GIWA)

10 Jan 2014


Sulu-Celebes Sea 56 Giwa Regional Assessment.pdf