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Danube Regional: Project Regional Grants - 2nd Round

The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC), on behalf of the UNDP/GEF Danube Regional Project, hereby announces the second call for proposals to support non-governmental organisation (NGO) projects related to the reduction of Danube River basin nutrient and toxic chemicals pollution at the regional level. Regional grants are up to USD 35,000 each. In exceptional cases (proposals that involve more than three NGOs, require some form of construction or involve extended networking), the amount can exceed this limit by 50 percent (i.e. up to USD 50,000).

1460: Strengthening the Implementation Capacities for Nutrient Reduction and Transboundary Cooperation in the Danube River Basin-Phase I Project

06 May 2010


Danube Regional: Project Regional Grants - 2nd Round.pdf