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Regional Project document

Firstly, the regional component addresses the SAP priority of ratification and implementation of the Lake Tanganyika Convention and associated environmental protocols. Secondly, the regional component supports the regional interaction and regional institutional activity behind the Convention – the Lake Tanganyika Management Committee and the creation of a permanent Secretariat for the Management of the Lake. Updating the SAP and adding new and emerging issues such as water hyacinth awareness and control are components here. Thirdly, the regional component develops the Monitoring Programme for the Lake, linking national processes and institutions at regional level, and developing linkages to management decision making bodies for the Lake. The GEF-IW M and E Indicators Framework (Nov 2002) is the basis here Fourthly, the Regional Component provides the forum and base for the Partnership Programme for the Lake – between Governments and Development Partners (including UNDP and GEF). Lastly, the Regional Programme provides the framework for coordination and management of the national GEF interventions into a single and cohesive whole. Regional staff have the mandate to provide such coordination and unified reporting.

1017: Partnership Interventions for the Implementation of the Strategic Action Programme (SAP) for Lake Tanganyika

06 Apr 2010 by iwlearn

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