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[WIOSAP] Nairobi Convention Secretariat Report

The Nairobi Convention Secretariat engaged an expert in data content creation, metadata development, data analysis, visualization and management for the Nairobi Convention Website and the Nairobi Convention Clearinghouse. The expert was to ensure that the two online platforms website have the relevant contextualized data and knowledge to support the Convention’s programme of work and its related projects; 'Implementation of the Strategic Action Programme for the protection of the Western Indian Ocean from landbased sources and activities' (WIOSAP) and the Western Indian Ocean Large Marine Ecosystems Strategic Action Programme Policy Harmonisation and Institutional Reforms (SAPPHIRE). The main objectives of the consultancy were; To identify, collate and document the relevant information for Nairobi convention website; To identify, collate and upload relevant spatial and analog data into the Nairobi Convention Clearinghouse; To create ISO standard metadata content for all the data at the Nairobi Convention Clearinghouse; To develop a dashboard to track metrics, performance indicators and other key data points relevant to the Western Indian Ocean region to simplify complex data sets and provide clearinghouse users with at-a-glance awareness of current environmental situation (Published on 18 May 2020).

4940: Implementation of the Strategic Action Programme for the Protection of the Western Indian Ocean from Land-based Sources and Activities

29 aug. 2020

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