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Water Quality in the Danube River Basin (TNMN – Yearbook 2008)

The major objective of the revised TNMN is to provide an overview of the overall status and long-term changes of surface water and – where necessary – groundwater status in a basinwide context with a particular attention paid to the transboundary pollution load. In view of the link between the nutrient loads of the Danube and the eutrophication of the Black Sea, it is necessary to monitor the sources and pathways of nutrients in the Danube River Basin District and the effects of measures taken to reduce the nutrient loads into the Black Sea.This Yearbook presents the results of the Surveillance monitoring II: Monitoring of specific pressures.

342: Developing the Danube River Basin Pollution Reduction Programme

23 May 2014


Water Quality in the Danube River Basin (TNMN – Yearbook 2008).pdf

Water Quality