International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Component E: Partnerships

Lead IA:

To sustain and institutionalize information sharing and learning exchanges across GEF IW projects and GEF entities.


Baseline: IW:LEARN’s structured learning and information sharing services are discontinued and information products, experiences and ICT tools are lost to GEF partners and upon completion of this FSP and other GEF-supported IW projects.

GEF IW:LEARN Alternative: Partners adopt, own, institutionalize, scale-up and replicate successful IW:LEARN products and services starting no later than year 5 of the project and continuing indefinitely. National and sub-national environmental managers and stakeholders are able to access the services and obtain the benefits of IW:LEARN, as extended and replicated by partners beyond the limited scope and duration of this GEF project.


TWM learning and information sharing mechanisms mainstreamed and institutionalized into GEF IA and ongoing projects, as well as transboundary institutional frameworks of completed projects (e.g., Regional Seas and freshwater basin secretariats)


By 2008, successful IW:LEARN structured learning and information sharing services institutionalized and sustained indefinitely through GEF and its partners.Partners’ strategic plans include role in sustaining one or more FSP product or service.

E1. Partnerships and Strategic Plan
E2. IW Contributions to Global TWM