International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Activity E2: IW Contributions to Global TWM


OTHER PARTNERS: GEF Secretariat, selected GEF IW projects, EAA/FOP*, UNDP Video Productions, Gender and Water Alliance, IUCN, NOAA


  • Promote GEF IW contributions to sustainable development and participation of GEF IW projects in broader TWM community.

  • This activity aims to increase the outreach and interactions between the GEF IW portfolio and the broader water resources, coastal and marine management and scientific community. An IATF selection of various sets of 3-4 projects will represent the GEF IW portfolio for at least 8 international freshwater and/or marine events – such as CSD-13, World Water Forum 4, the IWRA Congress, the World Bank’s Water Week or the 7th Environmental Management of Enclosed Coastal Seas (EMECS) Conference. At the SC discretion, IW:LEARN PCU may also help organize sessions or side-events where these projects present their experiences. The activity also supports stakeholder involvement in the GEF IW learning portfolio through generation of a small series of outreach materials to address common TWM issues and priority.


E2.1 Conference Participation: At least 2 side events at TWM-related meetings each year for 4 years, with 2-3 GEF projects/year receiving IW:LEARN cost-share to participate. 
E2.2: 1-2 GEF IW outreach publications, syntheses, videos and/or CD-ROMs disseminated to TWM community each year for 4 years – including 1 co-produced LME video documentary and periodic GEF IW bulletins.

E2.3: Gender and Water Exhibit at GEF IW Conferences and related international events.


Year Goals/Outputs Status/Notes


2-3 projects receive cost share to participate each of in 2 GEF IW side events;

1-2 outreach &/or learning products disseminated, including LME video (co-produced by IW:LEARN)
  • 4 projects to 2 side events in 2004 (see activity subpage)
  • 1 project to one event in 2005 (see activity subpage)
  • 1 IW Bridges newsletter produced (as GEF IW bulletin)
  • LME video still in production phase
  • IW:LEARN's Gender and Water exhibit (a year 2 output) toured through 1+ events in 1+ countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) regio


2-3 projects receive cost share to participate in each of 2 GEF IW side events;

1-2 outreach &/or learning products disseminated, including Gender and Water exhibit
  • 3 conferences, 5 side events and 9 projects supported
  • Support to GEF IW side event at GEF Assembly in 2006 (E2.1 related).
  • 2 projects supported to UNEP workshop in Bangkok on Experience notes (under activity E2.X).
  • Co-organized sessions at Moldova nutrient management Conference and supported 3 projects (under Activity B3 and E2.X) and PEMSEA Congress (under Activity D1) in 2006.
E2.2 E2.3
  • Gender and Water exhibit toured through X events in Y countries in Latin America and Caribbean, Europe, South Pacific and Africa


2-3 projects receive cost share to participate in 1-2 GEF IW side events;

1-2 outreach &/or learning products disseminated

  • 1 conference, 1 project supported
  • Half-day side-event on coral reef ecosystem health at ITMEMS (2+projects supported projects supported, as part of Activity B2.3)
  • 500 copies of LME Governance handbook printed for circulation at GPA.
  • LME video documentary presented to over 100 nations' ministerial representatives at IGR-2.
  • 2 IW Bridges published in 2007
  • More than 12 IW Experience Notes prepared in time for the 4th GEF IW Conference.



2-3 projects receive cost share to participate in each of 2 GEF IW side events; 

1-2 outreach &/or learning products disseminated

  • 1 project supported to attend April 2008 Global Forum on Oceans, Coasts and Islands, proceeded immediately by IW:LEARN workshops on public participation (Activity B4.3) and LME management (Activity B2.3)
  • Plans to publish guidebook on Economic Valuation of International Waters,
  • 2 Bridges issues published in 2008 with 2 more planned. (Monthly E-Bulletin now in production under Component A)
  • Expected 100% co-finance for production of an educational packet for schoolchildren, based on LME video documentary.
  • 2 IW Experience Notes launched


Outreach materials - posted to IW:LEARN Publications Page

Experience Notes -