International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Activity B2: Learning for Portfolio Subsets


OTHER PARTNERS: IUCN; UNESCO-ISARM, IGRAC; INBO; LakeNet?; WorldFish? Center-ReefBase?, GEF Coral Reef Targeted Research project, UNDP-GEF-SHARK


  • Organize 2-5 multi-project learning exchanges on a regional scale

  • This activity aims to enhance the implementation of freshwater, marine and coral reef subsets of the GEF IW portfolio by increasing the overall capacity of managers, transferring capacity from within these portions and with outside partners, and strengthening communication and learning exchanges across networks of GEF IW managers managing similar ecosystem types. A blended learning approach will be used to promote ongoing sharing of experiences among each of these communities. Some demand-driven training elements may also be incorporated.


B2.1: Exchanges among Freshwater Projects (with IUCN; including Groundwater/Aquifers, also with UNESCO/ISARM and GWP-Med; River Basins, also with WBI and INBO; Lake Basins, also with LakeNet?)
B2.1.1: Aquifers Learning
B2.1.2: Rivers Learning
B2.1.3: Lakes Learning
B2.2: Exchanges among Large Marine Ecosystem (LME) projects (with IUCN, NOAA, IOC, URI, GPA and Regional Seas)
B2.3: Exchanges among Coral Reef projects (with WorldFish Center)


Year Goals/Outputs Status/Notes
1 Freshwater &/or LMEs exchanges launched Aquifer, river, lakes and LMEs exchanges launched in electronic and face-to-face modes
Freshwater & LME exchanges both launched (or continuing)
Workshop on LME Governance and socio-economics (March 2006); Coral reef exchange launching with pre-ITMEMS session on coral reef ecosystem health (October 2006); Workshop on freshwater EV (November 2006)
Coral reef exchange launched; other exchanges present findings at IWC4

Electronic exchange and face to face workshop on LME economic valuation [EV] (July 2007),

Survey underway for coral blog &/or e-forum

Freshwater Environmental Flows Workshop (February 2008), Payment for Ecosystems Workshop (April 2008)

Final Coral workshop: Coral Reef Lessons Learned, Targeted Research projects present findings to date, and [future GEF-supported] Coral Triagle Initiative shares its challenges and capacity-building needs at ICRS-11 (July 2008)
4 Learning products on IW-IMS

Handbook on LME Governance and Socioeconomics and all related workshop materials posted to