International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Subactivity: B2.1.2 River Learning Exchange

Author(s): Teplyakov, Victor ; Grigoriev, A. Dyson, Megan, ed. ; Bergkamp, Ger, ed. ; Scanlon, John, ed. ; IUCN, Water and Nature Initiative Published: 2003 Series: WANI Toolkit ISBN: 2-8317-0725-0


OTHER PARTNERS: WBI,  2IE (formerly Groupe EIER-ETSHER), GWP-West & Central Africa


This activity aims to enhance the implementation of freshwater subsets of the GEF IW portfolio by increasing the overall capacity of managers, transferring capacity from within these portions and with outside partners, and strengthening communication and learning exchanges across networks of GEF IW managers managing similar ecosystem types. A blended learning approach will be used to promote ongoing sharing of experiences among each of these communities. Some demand-driven training elements may also be incorporated.


Year Goals/Outputs Status/Notes
1 Freshwater exchanges launched -
2 Freshwater exchanges both launched (or continuing) Completed - Africa Regional Freshwater exchange (Economic Valuation)
LAC launched (2008)
Asia Regional Freshwater exchanges launched (2008)
3 Exchange presents findings at IWC4 Planned for 2007Q3 (see IW:LEARN Activity C2)
4 Learning products on IW-IMS In Progress



River Community Report from IWC3
Products and outcomes of GEF IWC4 documented in IW-IMS module
Final narrative report (entire project period) including sustainability plan

Workshop Materials

Ouagadougou Workshop:  Use of Economic Valuation in Water-related Decisionmaking - Proceedings

LAC Workshop (2007) - Environmental Flows: Proceedings

Asia Workshop (2007/8) - Payment for Ecosystem Services: Proceedings

WANI Toolkits:
Flows: The Essentials of Environmental Flows
Value: Counting Ecosystems as Water Infrastructure
Change: Adaptation of Water Resources Management to Climate Change
Pay: Establishing Payments for Watershed Services


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