International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network


The GEF IW:LEARN Webinar Series showcases interactive online sessions aimed at supporting GEF IW projects in engaging the private sector.

Webinar 1 - Applying the WWF Bankable Model: From Theory to Practice

This webinar was organized by the World Wildlife Fund with the support of the Global Environment Facility IW:LEARN Project. The webinar builds on the concept of WWF bankable projects, focusing on transitioning from theory into practice. The session looks at how GEF International Waters project managers can practically apply the bankables model by demonstrating two GEF IW project case studies and discussing how the aspects of the WWF bankables model can be tailored to each project. The GEF IW project featured include the GEF/UNDP Orange-Senqu River Basin Project and the GEF/WWF Mesoamerican Ridge to Reef project.

13 December 2019

Webinar 2 - Coming soon