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Towards a bio-based society: New cluster recommendations for more sustainable resource management in the Baltic Sea Region

04 Sep 2013 | by
The report “Sustainable resource management for a healthy Baltic Sea” is released as a result of the work done under Baltic Impulse – a cluster of fifteen partners representing nine environmental projects running under the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013. All the partner projects try to define and find ways to mitigate the environmental impact of different anthropogenic pressures on the Baltic Sea, and to revise the common management actions. The aim of the cluster is to ensure further use of outcomes of the partner projects and to increase their visibility. Thus, both the recommendations proposed by the partners of Baltic Impulse and accompanying more extensive cross-project summaries draw on the knowledge and experience obtained through the project work. Baltic Impulse will finalise in September 2013 after one year of operation.

Baltic Impulse cluster, of which NEW_website_BI-logo.jpgHELCOM is a partner and a member of a steering group, has recently published a synthesis report in which new recommendations are proposed for improving the environmental condition of the Baltic Sea. HELCOM brought to the cluster the knowledge and expertise obtained through the Baltic COMPASS, COHIBA, PURE and PRESTO projects. The cluster has acted as a platform to harvest some most meaningful outcomes of a few major regional projects, to effectively feed into the main objectives of the HELCOM’s Baltic Sea Action Plan and, more specifically, to provide input to the HELCOM Ministerial Meeting in October 2013.