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07 Mar 2020 | YSLMEP
Asking for Comments: Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis for the Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem 2020
Transboundary diagnostic analysis (TDA) is a key step in strategic planning for science and ecosystem-based adaptive management of the large marine ecosystems (LMEs). TDA was for the first time conducted in the Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem (YSLME) in 2007, and provided the basis for developing the YSLME strategic action programme (SAP) in 2009.
26 Dec 2019 | YSLMEP
YSLME Partners Discussed Solutions to Prevent and Control Marine Litter in Weihai
On December 16, the UNDP/GEF YSLME Phase II Project (hereinafter referred to as YSLME II Project) organized a workshop on prevention and control of marine litter in Weihai City of Shandong Province, PR China, in collaboration with Shandong Marine Resources and Environment Institute. Fifteen representatives from Weihai Ocean Development Bureau, Weihai Ecology and Environment Bureau, […] Th...
20 Dec 2018 |
Farewell to El Nido
CCRES farewelled the El Nido pilot site at our project closure event where we reported on the project’s achievements to local stakeholders who were so integral to delivery.
20 Dec 2018 |
Networking strengthens coastal management
Speed-dating, a doctor’s clinic and an ocean talk were three ways CCRES recently promoted its tools at regional and global oceans and water conferences.
20 Dec 2018 |
Building friendships and business
Building friendships, collaborating and helping to support businesses be part of the solution, are some of the memorable moments shared by two CCRES researchers.
20 Dec 2018 |
Systems thinking to reach young minds
SESAMME and SYSTORY are being integrated into lesson plans for elementary, junior high, senior high and college students at Palawan State University, the Philippines.
20 Dec 2018 |
Philippine roll-out of MPA design tools
CCRES continues to promote uptake by assisting local government and communities in strengthening coastal management.
20 Dec 2018 |
Indonesian partners plan MPAs
NGO and government partners in Indonesia are designing Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) for 27 locations across 34 provinces using CCRES’s MPA toolbox.
26 Nov 2018 |
El Nido, Philippines
Site Report for El Nido, Philippines
01 Nov 2018 | Flood & Droughts management
Enhancing Regional Water Security - A Focus on Groundwater
The World Bank/SADC | 31 October 2018
Linking Flood and Drought Data to Water Safety Planning: Part 2
Blog | Matthew Damons
A smart approach towards climate change