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18 Apr 2018 | Flood & Droughts management
It's not just Cape Town: 4 shrinking reservoirs to watch
IW: LEARN | 18 April 2018
05 Apr 2018 | Flood & Droughts management
Murray-Darling: when the river runs dry
09 Mar 2018 | Flood & Droughts management
A water utility’s journey to being climate resilient
08 Mar 2018 |
Fisheries decision making with Fish SPACE
Fish SPACE is a software application for environmental managers and planners that shows the effects on fish stocks and fisheries of different marine reserve designs and fisheries management options.
08 Mar 2018 |
CCRES Highlights and Achievements
A snapshot of CCRES highlights and achievements to date (January 2018)
08 Mar 2018 |
Highlights and achievements
Read about our progress in the 2017 CCRES Annual Report and our highlights, now available for download.
08 Mar 2018 |
El Nido’s Eco-Biz winners announced
Three winners and a runner-up were announced at the Eco-Biz Challenge Grand Final at El Nido, Palawan, Philippines, in January. The winners are Jonie Fernandez, Bryan Magnol and Ignacio Sayajon-Shyo and the runner-up is Sonia Yntas.
08 Mar 2018 |
FishCollab fosters better coastal governance
Two coastal communities at our pilot site at Selayar in Indonesia have strengthened the governance and management of their coastal ecosystems and fisheries, as a result of their participation in the design of the CCRES behaviour change tool, FishCollab.