International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Newsletter Issue 10 - 2018

We are celebrating the launch of the new International Waters strategy at the 6th GEF Assembly taking place in Vietnam this week with a special edition of our Water We Up To IW:LEARN Newsletter.

GEF International Waters at the Sixth GEF Assembly

The GEF International Waters family has been delivering on emerging environmental principles since its inception. Many projects have applied the Source-to-Sea approach in order to tackle marine-based pollution and, through innovative sustainable activities, provided communities the means to take advantage of its ecosystem potential and push the blue economy agenda forward. Projects implemented by the GEF family have successfully prioritized and adopted an ecosystem approach in transboundary systems ensuring environmental, food, energy, and water security. This month, Water We Up To provides a glimpse of how GEF IW projects are already addressing themes in the new GEF IW Strategy for the 7th GEF Replenishment under topics of Blue Economy, Marine pollution, and Environmental Security. Together with multiple stakeholders, we continue to achieve global environmental targets under these emerging issues and more....