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Empowering marine protected areas with finance and partnerships

03 Nov 2023 | by
Marine protected area managers from several countries, including Albania, Lebanon, Montenegro, Morocco, Tunisia, Gambia, and Senegal, gathered in Tunisia to enhance their efforts in supporting sea health, local development, and human connection.

Organized by MedPAN, a network of marine protected area managers in the Mediterranean, the training session focused on developing and implementing fundraising strategies for these areas. The training session fostered collaboration between the MedFund and MedPAN within the GEF project "Build back a blue and stronger Mediterranean."

The workshop tackled integrated approach to fundraising, capacity building, governance, knowledge sharing, and monitoring and evaluation, aiming to bolster the sustainability of coastal communities and ocean protection. By broadening their financial base, marine protected areas can become more resilient. The participants engaged in interactive workshops, exchanged experiences, and learned from experts on practical strategies for securing funds. They also explored diverse funding sources and communication strategies to attract donors.

The training emphasized building strong relationships with local communities, governments, and international organizations to highlight the value of marine protected areas for both the environment and the economy. The collaboration and peer learning among participants from different regions were seen as crucial for safeguarding marine heritage for future generations.

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