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Demonstrating and Capturing Best Practices and Technologies for the Reduction of Land-sourced Impacts Resulting from Coastal Tourism

The objective of the Project is to address the negative impacts of tourism on the coastal and marine environment in Sub-Saharan Africa, as identified by the African Process , through promoting the development of sustainable tourism policies and strategies and the implementation of pilot demonstration projects in a number of countries that participated in the African Process. The full project objective is to demonstrate best practice strategies for sustainable tourism to reduce the degradation of marine and coastal envrionments of transboundary significance. The project will engage the private sector and enhance public-private partnerships to enable formulation and implementation of appropriate national and regional policies and strategies for sustainable tourism development in coastal and marine areas, including a policy and strategy framework to guide and promote ecotourism development.

Watamu Turtle bay-Responsible tourism hotel(EMS)
Watamu Dabaso boardwalk-ecotourism
Statue of the Sato Drum-Nigeria
Saly Demo Site-Senegal
Inhambane Transect Clownfish Reef-Mozambique
Inhambane Demo site-Mozambique
Gambia Bird Santuary
Cameroon Londji falls
Bagamoyo Demo Site area-Tanzania
Bagamoyo Demo Site area
Badagry Demo site Lagoon-Nigeria
Ada Cruising on the River inboard boat-Ghana
Watamu Hotels
Watamu Marine Habitats
Watamu Land Cover
Watamu Tourism Map
Watamu Image (April 2010)
Watamu Ecotourism Map
Watamu Community Map
General Marine Information Map