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Photos shared by the GEF International Water community of projects and partners, as well as from past GEF IW:LEARN events.

GEF IW:LEARN Dialogue on Conjunctive Management of Surface and Groundwater
16-17 October 2023, GENEVA & online
Global workshop on Conjunctive Management of Surface and Groundwater: National to Transboundary level on 16 -17 October 2023, GENEVA and online
LME22 Meeting
Project 10374
2023 Stockholm World Water Week Photos
Project 10374
[Bali DIM Workshop] Photos
Project 5729
LME21 Photos Day 3
18-20 Sep 2019, Cartagena
LME21 Photos Day 1-2
18-20 Sep 2019, Cartagena
5th Targeted Regional Workshop for GEF IW Projects and Partners (LAC) Photos
16-18 September 2019, Cartagena
From Coast to Coast: Celebrating 20 Years of Transboundary Management of Our Shared Oceans
Project 3900
LME18 Group Photo
Photo taken during the 18th LME Annual Consultation Meeting held on 06-08 Dec 2016 in Paris.
IWC9 Day 4 Photos
08 Nov 2018, Marrakesh
IWC9 Day 3 Photos
Project 5729
IWC9 Day 1 Photos
05 Nov 2018, Marrakesh
IWC9 Day 2 Photos
06 Nov 2018, Marrakesh
[Paris DIM Workshop] Photos
Project 5729
IWC8 Day 3 Photos
Field trip (11 May 2016, Sri Lanka)
IWC8 Day 4 Photos
12 May 2016, Sri Lanka
IWC8 Day 5 Photos
13 May 2016, Sri Lanka
IWC8 Day 1 Photos
09 May 2016, Sri Lanka
IWC8 Day 2 Photos
Eight GEF Bennial International Water Conference (2016)
10 May 2016, Sri Lanka
2nd Targeted Workshop for GEF IW Projects in LAC Photos
14 June 2014, Buenos Aires
GEF IW:LEARN Session on "Scaling Up Pollution Control and Wastewater Management from Source To Sea" Photos
At the Stockholm World Water Week, 30 August 2017
3rd Targeted Regional Workshop for GEF IW Projects in East Europe and Asia-Pacific Photos
30 Apr-02 May 2018, Bangkok
MPAs Over the Finish Line - Request for Proposals
The Waitt Foundation takes a hands-on, partnership-oriented approach to grant making. They fund projects and campaigns aimed at ending overfishing, the creation and expansion of marine protected areas, marine spatial planning, and raising public awareness about the rapid decline in ocean health. With a focus on enduring public private partnerships and conservation finance, The Waitt Foundation’s principal goal is often to support governments in achieving their own sustainable fisheries and ocean conservation goals.
Demonstrating and Capturing Best Practices and Technologies for the Reduction of Land-sourced Impacts Resulting from Coastal Tourism
Project 2129
Testing a Prototype Caribbean Regional Fund for Wastewater Management (CReW)
Project 3766
SIP-Eastern Nile Transboundary Watershed Management in Support of ENSAP Implementation
Project 3398
Integrated Natural Resource Management in the Baikal Basin Transboundary Ecosystem
Project 4029
Implementing Integrated Water Resource and Wastewater Management in Atlantic and Indian Ocean SIDS
Project 2706
Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem
Project 1252
Implementation of Sustainable Development Strategy for the Seas of East Asia
Project 2700
Strengthening the Implementation Capacities for Nutrient Reduction and Transboundary Cooperation in
Project 1460
Integrated and Sustainable Management of Transboundary Water Resources in the Amazon River Basin
Project 2364
Integrating Watershed and Coastal Area Management in the Small Island Developing States of the Caribbean (IWCAM)
Project 1254
IW:LEARN Regional ICT Workshop for Asia Photos
Photos taken 17-20 March 2014 at the Asian Development Bank, Manila.
2013 Nairobi ICT Workshop Photos
June 2013, Nairobi
2012 Regional ICT Workshop for Europe and Africa Photos
Photos taken during the 2012 Delft ICT Workshop
IWC7 Photos
26-31 October 2013, Barbados
GEF IW Science Conference 2012 Photos
24–26 September 2012, Bangkok, Thailand
Regional ICT Workshop (LAC) and GWP-Med Photos
June 2012, St. Kitts / Athens
2011 Dubrovnik ICT Workshop Photos
15-16 October, 2011
IWC6 Photos
15-20 October 2011, Dubrovnik