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Welcome to the Public-Private Partnerships Guidebook

The Public Private Partnerships Guidebook is a collaborative tool, developed by the Global Environment & Technology Foundation and contains contents and case studies from GEF IW projects. IW:LEARN is soliciting and encouraging GEF IW Projects to submit experiences of engaging the private sector, comments on the content that has been assembled and suggestions for improvements and additional content to be incorporated.

Overwhelming feedback strongly supported the formation of a platform that would present the guidebook in a user friendly format that was easily accessible and navigable, and allowed for user feedback throughout the tool.

This platform is meant to accommodate those concerns. At the top of each page you will find a tool for ranking the page, while at the bottom you will find a space to submit comments. The aim is that with time, the most useful documents and pages will become clear by their ranking, that user comments will lead to improvements in the content, and document submissions of the GEF IW Portfolio will provide a wealth of information for other GEF IW projects.

The Public-Private Partnerships Guidebook is laid out in the following sections:

1. Overview

2. Context

3. Pocket Guide (How to use this tool)

4. Partnership Checklist

5. Partnership Analysis Tool

6. Facilitators Guide

7. Case Studies and Lessons Learned

8. Conclusions

9. Additional Material