International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network


21st - 24th May 2012 - St.Kitts and Nevis
The purpose of this workshop is to assist projects in creating and managing a project website using the freely available IW:LEARN Toolkit. Related ICT subjects such as content development and syndication, and new topics as publishing for mobile gadgets and online collaborative data visualization as well as how to use the IW:LEARN Community Workspace will also be covered.

Target Audience

The workshop is appropriate for information/communication specialists, IT managers and project members who are responsible for developing and/or maintaining a project website.


  • Participants will gain a comprehensive overview of the Toolkit capabilities and functions including freely available resources on the internet. Participants will also gain hands-on knowledge on how to create, manage and maintain the website with little or no IT knowledge.
  • Participants will be introduced how to include basic visualization in a project toolkit website, how to develop and syndicate contents, use the toolkit as an outreach tool, and monitor website performance.
  • Participants will have a better understanding of the GEF IW Portfolio needs for shared information, become familiar with the IW Website Guidelines, and develop a joint work plan.
  • Participants will also be introduced to the Community Workspace so they can assist project members in using the workspace for online community collaboration.


  1. Bravo River Project Ms. Meredith Blount, Resource and Conservation Coordinator
  2. Caribbean Sea LME Project Ms. Diana Patricia Martinez, Volunteer/Web staff
  3. UNEP CAR/RCU (REPCar, GEFCrew and IWCAM)  Mr. Andre Dixon, Computer Information Systems Assistant
  4. Gulf of Honduras Project Mr. Silvio Ponce
  5. Gulf of Mexico LME Project Dr. Porfirio Alvarez, Project Manager
  6. Gulf of Mexico LME Project Ms. Cristina Sanchez, Administrative Staff
  7. Gulf of Mexico LME Project Mr. Javier Acevedo, Monitoring and Evaluation Project
  8. Humboldt Current LME Ms. Lenka Lazo, Finance and Administrative Assistant
  9. La Plata River SAP Implementation (FREPLATA)  Ms. Karina Vargas, Information Specialist
  10. La Plata River Sustainable (La Plata TDA SAP)  Ms. Valeria Rodriguez, Public Participation Assistant
  11. Proyecto Cuenca Binacional del Río Sixaola Mr. Edgar Sanchez, Web Administrator
  12. Kenya Coastal Development Project Dr. Melckzedeck Osore, Project Manager

Those who did not make it to the LAC Workshop attended the Athens mini-workshop

  1. Lake Baikal Project Mr. Dmitri POPOV, Project Administration and Logistics Officer
  2. TWIENSEE Ms. Anna Maria Papaioannou, GWP-Med
  3. DIKTAS Project Ms. Madeleine Theochari, Programme Officer, GWP Med

Logistical arrangements

Meeting venue: Frigate Bay Beach Resort
During the workshop, IW:LEARN will provide daily coffee/tea breaks and lunches.

Accommodations for most participants are at Sugar Bay Club