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04 Apr 2020 - English [LME17] GoMx LME Climate Change Related actions in the US and Mexico
Presented by Porfirio Alvarez Torres, CIIMAR
04 Apr 2020 - English [LME17] How the BOBLME SAP responds to Climate Change effects in the Bay of Bengal
Rudy Hermes, Bay of Bengal LME
04 Apr 2020 - English [LME17] Adaptation of the fisheries sector to climate change in the CCLME sub-region
Presented by Birane Sambe, Canary Current LME
04 Apr 2020 - English [LME17] The “ClimVar and ICZM” project, and Regional Climate Change Adaptation Framework Mediterranean LME
Presented by Lorenzo Galbiati, Med Partnership
04 Apr 2020 - English [LME17] Ocean Acidification - Connecting scientists to transfer knowledge at local, regional, global levels
Presented by Kirsten Isensee, IOC-UNESCO
04 Apr 2020 - English [LME17] HCLME Recent progress in fisheries certification in the Humboldt Current LME
Presented by Michael Akester, Humboldt Current LME
04 Apr 2020 - English [LME17] Valuation of marine ecosystem goods & services in the CLME+: review & framework for future work
Presented by Patrick Debels, Caribbean LME
04 Apr 2020 - English [LME17] Economic valuation of ecosystem services in LMEs, purpose, methods and the GCLME experience applying the benefit transfer approach
Presented by Christian Susan, UNIDO
04 Apr 2020 - English [LME17] Restoring the world’s LMEs: A vehicle for job creation?
Presented by Andrew Hudson, UNDP Water & Ocean Programme
04 Apr 2020 - English [LME17] Examples of EBM indicators in the Southeast Pacific
Presented by Fernando FĂ©lix, CPPS
04 Apr 2020 - English [LME17] Towards a global LME data repository
Presented by Peter Pissierssens, IOCUNESCO/IODE
04 Apr 2020 - English [LME17] Institutionalization of transboundary indicators
Presented by Patrick Debels, CLME
04 Apr 2020 - English [LME17] Socioeconomics & Patterns of Risk in LMEs
Presented by Liana McManus, IOC-UNESCO / Consultant
04 Apr 2020 - English [LME17] Transboundary Waters Assessment Programme: Global comparative assessment of LMEs
Presented by Sherry Heileman, IOC-UNESCO / Consultant
02 Apr 2020 - English [LME17] Analysis of Regional Ocean Governance
Presented by Julien Rochette, IDDRI
02 Apr 2020 - English [LME17] Legal reforms relating to CMSP: Authority, decision-making and accountability within the HCLME area
Presented by Michael Akester, Humboldt Current LME
02 Apr 2020 - English [LME17] Caribbean & North Brazil Shelf LMEs: the Caribbean Challenge Initiative
Presented by Patrick Debels, Caribbean LME
02 Apr 2020 - English [LME17] Enabling Sustainable Development and Management of Ecosystems - Experiences of the GEF/UNDP/UNEP Pacific IWRM Project
Presented by Marc Wilson, SOPAC
02 Apr 2020 - English [LME17] MPAs as a valuable tool for governance in LMEs: Global status and trends in MPA application and the Promise of Sydney
Presented by James Oliver, IUCN
02 Apr 2020 - English [LME17] The Western Tropical Pacific Warm Pool Large Marine Ecosystem – Status, Benefits and Challenges in the context of the Future of Fisheries
Presented by Hugh Walton, FFA




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