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DLIST-Benguela Newsletter No.5 - Social Responsibility

This issue’s feature article brings us the concerns of a community member who questions the responsibility of mining houses towards the social upliftment of the communities where they operate. Yet this issue is also filled with new initiatives that show a commitment to responsible environmental and social development, hopefully bringing inspiration to many. Read about an exciting new project for local biodiversity protection in Walvis Bay, recent aquaculture developments in Angola, the launch of a transfrontier project to protect the coastal and marine resources of the East coast of Africa, and a wealth of activities undertaken by DLIST partners in Angola, Namibia and South Africa. Find out about our new partner, Drynet, who is rising up to the challenge of desertification

2571: Distance Learning and Information Sharing Tool for the Benguela Coastal Areas (DLIST-Benguela)

18 May 2010


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