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Socio-Economic Survey of Rwamagasa Mining Site ing Geita District

Mercury is used in artisanal mining, whereby, for every gram of gold collected, about two grams of mercury are dispersed into the environment Artisanal mining activities provide income to the poorest segment of society in many developing countries, including ethnic minorities, a great majority of these miners being women and children. Plans are underway for introducing cleaner artisanal gold mining and extraction technologies. The primary target beneficiaries of the program will be artisanal miners – men and women alike. In order to effectively introduce this new program on cleaner and more efficient artisanal gold mining and extraction technologies, a study of the mining communities - their social services, their activities, their surroundings, and their food and water consumption patterns - was required. This socio-economic study was carried out in one representative mining site, namely, Rwamagasa Village, Rwamagasa Ward in Geita District, Mwanza Region, Tanzania.

1223: Removal of Barriers to the Introduction of Cleaner Artisanal Mining and Extraction Technologies

07 May 2010


Socio-Economic Survey of Rwamagasa Mining Site ing Geita District.pdf